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Sloan "Navy Blues" Anniversary tour announced

One of the most underrated bands around and definitely one of the most over looked albums from 1998. Vinyl reissue soon to be announced as well.
SLOAN – NAVY BLUES 2019/2010 TOUR Fri 20 September North Bay, ON Capitol Centre Canada Sat 21 September Midland, ON Midland Cultural Centre Canada Fri 4 October Burlington, ON Burlington Living Arts Centre Canada Sat 5 October Milton, ON FirstOntario Arts Centre Canada Tue 8 October Sarnia, ON Imperial Theatre Canada Wed 9 October St. Catharine’s, ON FirstOntario Perf. Arts Centre – Partridge Hall Canada Thu 10 October Brampton, ON Rose Theatre Canada Tue 15 October Sault Ste. Marie, ON The Machine Shop Canada Wed 16 October Thunder Bay Crock’s Canada Fri 18 October Winnipeg, MB The Garrick Centre Canada Sat 19 October Saskatoon, SK Dakota Dunes Casino Canada Sun 20 October Lloydminster, AB Vic Juba Community Theatre Canada Mon 21 October Grand Prairie, AB Better Than Fred’s Canada Tue 22 October Sherwood Park, AB Festival Place Canada Wed 23 October Calgary, AB Palace Theatre Canada Fri 25 October Nelson, BC Spirit Lounge Canada Sat 26 October Penticton, BC Cleland Theatre Canada Sun 27 October Vancouver, BC Commodore Ballroom Canada Mon 28 October Nanaimo, BC Nanaimo Entertainment Centre Canada Tue 29 October Victoria, BC Distrikt Canada Thu 31 October Courtenay, BC The Avalanche Bar Canada Sat 2 November Seattle, Washington Barboza United States Sun 3 November Portland, OR Holocene United States Wed 6 November San Francisco, CA Rickshaw Stop United States Thu 7 November San Diego, CA Casbah United States Fri 8 November Phoenix, AZ The Rebel Lounge United States Sat 9 November Santa Ana, CA Constellation Room United States Sun 10 November Los Angeles, CA The Echo United States Tue 19 November Cleveland Heights, OH Grog Shop United States Wed 20 November Chicago, IL Bottom Lounge United States Fri 22 November St. Louis, MO Blueberry Hill United States Sat 23 November Minneapolis, MN 7th Street Entry United States Sun 24 November Kansas City, MO Riot Room United States Wed 19 February Boston, MA Brighton Music Hall United States Thu 20 February New York, NY Bowery Ballroom United States Fri 21 February Philadelphia, PA Boot & Saddle United States Sat 22 February Washington, DC Union Stage United States Sun 23 February Carrboro, NC Cat’s Cradle – Back Room United States Tue 25 February Atlanta, GA Vinyl at Center Stage United States Wed 26 February Jacksonville, FL Jackrabbits United States Fri 28 February Austin, TX 3Ten @ ACL Live United States Sat 29 February Houston, TX White Oak Music Hall (Upstairs) United States Sun 1 March Dallas, TX Three Links United States Tue 3 March Nashville, TN The High Watt United States Wed 4 March Columbus, OH A & R Music Bar United States Fri 6 March Indianapolis, IN The Hi-Fi United States Sat 7 March Detroit, MI St. Andrews Hall United States Sun 8 March Buffalo, NY Iron Works United States
Read More: Sloan announce U.S. ‘Navy Blues’ tour dates |
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FIFA Women's World Cup in Winnipeg - FAQs

I've noticed a lot of repeat questions being asked recently from visitors who are coming to Winnipeg for the FIFA Women's World Cup (June 8-16). Here are the most common questions: I can add to this if anyone has any suggestions.
Where is the stadium?
Investor's Group Field is at the University of Manitoba on the south end of the city.
Where should I stay?
There've been several news stories about how all the hotels in Winnipeg - even the Alt Hotel, which just opened - are booked solid. Sorry.
However, you can try alternatives:
(With suggestions from majikmonkie).
How do I get to the stadium from my hotel?
FIFA put together a guide on transportation options. The first two options are for driving, but I would recommend NOT doing that, especially if you're driving there during afternoon rush hour. Pembina Highway (which is the main route to the stadium from downtown) will probably become a parking lot in the afternoon with all the additional traffic.
However, there are four Park-n-Ride locations:
The Park-n-Ride costs $5 for people over the age of 12. Buses start departing 2 hours before afternoon kickoff. You might want to make a point of catching one of the first couple buses, since Pembina Highway is going to be a nightmare.
A note from werno - DO NOT try parking on the residential streets around the stadium. You will be ticketed and possibly towed.
Beaver Bus and Greyhound will also be operating a downtown hotel shuttle (also $5). Buses start departing 2 hours before afternoon kickoff. You might want to make a point of catching one of the first couple buses, since Pembina Highway is going to be a nightmare. If you're staying downtown, look for a shuttle stop (white circles) near your hotel:
(With suggestions from majikmonkie).
In not-stadium-specific transit news: Downtown Biz is going to be offering a free trolly to get around downtown. Winnipeg Transit also has free buses that will get you around downtown; #1,2, and 3 are all free all the time. (Thanks to supercantaloupe for the addition.)
I'm coming in from [country]. Do I have to get my money exchanged or will establishments take my US dollars/pounds/pesos/bits?
If you're using your credit card, most places will take a Visa and Mastercard regardless of country of origin. Most credit cards will give you a pretty fair exchange rate. However, you might still want cash for small purchases, bus fares, parking, etc.
Some places might take US dollars, but it will either be at par (which would be a horrible deal for you) or at an unfavourable exchange rate. It's probably a good idea to get your cash exchanged if you plan on carrying cash.
Also, plan on getting handfuls of change back when you pay. Canada has coins for $2 and $1, so after a few transactions you've got a handful of big coins to carry around. Also also, Canada no longer uses the penny, so all cash transactions will be rounded up or down to the nearest $0.05. Debit and credit transactions are still charged to the penny.
(With suggestions from Becau5eRea5on5, kent_eh and tmlrule).
How do I drive to Winnipeg from the US?
(Info via scopar). There are several border crossings between Manitoba and the US, with 3 crossings from Minnesota and 11 from North Dakota. However, all of the border crossings a very small except for the Emerson, MB/Pembina, ND crossing that is at the end of the I-29. This crossing has multiple lanes and is open 24 hours a day. The other border crossings are usually single lanes and have limited hours of operations. You can find information on the border crossings from North Dakota and Minnesota .
US citizens need proof of citizenship to enter Canada: a passport, birth certificate, or citizenship certificate. A passport will make your crossing the least stressful, and will probably make getting back into the US easier as well. The CBSA has information on identification requirements on their website . If you have a criminal record, you may have trouble at the border. This includes a DUI, which will probably prevent you from entering Canada. The US/Canada share access to criminal record databases so they will look it up.
Don't bring firearms or ammo with you. Canada has very different and more restrictive gun laws than the US. There is no constitutional right to bear arms in Canada, so please leave them at home. The CBSA link above has a information on prohibited items. There are also limits on the amount of booze/cigarettes you can bring with you. When crossing the border (both ways), it's always best to be upfront and don't hide anything. If they discover you lied about something, you're more likely to be pulled over and searched. I'd highly suggest doing a search of your car before you hit the road to make sure you don't leave anything unwanted in there.
Where can I get a drink?
(Info via landlubber1976). Legal drinking age is 18. Drinking in public (i.e. outside a restaurant, hotel or private home) isn't recommended and is illegal. We're not Europe. You probably won't get too much hassle, but it might cause someone to call the police on you. Don't drink and drive, please.
Alcohol generally more expensive than the US, by a fair bit.
Most restaurants will be licensed, and some may allow you to bring your own bottle of wine, but unless that bottle means something special to you, it probably isn't worth it after they apply their corkage fee. You can order a bottle of wine with dinner and you can take what you didn't finish home with you. Just make sure it is in the trunk if you're in a car, or at least not accessible.
Is there an official FIFA FanFest in Winnipeg?
Here's the lowdown (thanks to scopar for the info):
Winnipeg Fan Zone
What: Open to the public (free) on June 6 (with a viewing party of Canada’s opening match). Open to FIFA Women’s World Cup™ Winnipeg Stadium ticket-holders on matchdays only.
Where: Winnipeg Stadium (Investors Group Field)
Hours of Operation
What else should we do while we're in Winnipeg?
Well, there's lots to do. Special things happening while you're here:
Anyway, welcome to Winnipeg!
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Money laundering hikes BC real estate prices by five per cent: report

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 89%. (I'm a bot)
VICTORIA - The cost of buying a home in B.C. increased by as much as five per cent last year due to more than $5 billion in dirty money from organized crime laundered through the province's real estate sector, according to a new expert panel report.
Former deputy attorney general Maureen Maloney chaired the panel on money laundering, which released a report Thursday that concluded it "Cautiously estimates that almost five per cent of the value of real estate transactions in the province result from money laundering investment."
"Successfully reducing money laundering investment in B.C. real estate should have modest but observable impact on housing affordability," read the Maloney report.
Those are the years when the Vancouver real estate market really spiked with values in some areas increasing by over 40 and 50 per cent and capital outflows from China at record highs before regulators in Beijing made it more difficult to take money out of China and various levels of government in Canada implemented various taxes that slowed the local real estate market.
The examination of real estate and money laundering comes after investigative reports in recent months on casinos, luxury automobiles, horse racing and the financial sector.
Read the Expert Panel on Money Laundering in Real Estate's full report.
Summary Source | FAQ | Feedback | Top keywords: report#1 money#2 laundered#3 B.C.#4 estate#5
Post found in /worldnews.
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Reflections on my trip

Before going to Aruba I, like most people of my generation (late 20s), googled the crap out of Aruba. I especially googled what life outside of the resort/hotel zone is like. While there was lots of info on Aruba hardly any of it pertained to the non-resort life. Meaning, when people on forums ask "where do the locals eat", or "where can I get a reasonably priced meal", the answers given were absolutely given by people living the high life in Aruba. $30 entrees? The locals aren't eating there. And, if the place advertises itself as "where the locals eat!" (like Driftwood does), then that's not where the locals eat. That isn't to say that none of the locals eat there, as I'm sure many do. But when people from my generation ask "where do the locals eat?" they mean "where does the working class eat?".
Now that I'm back from my short trip to Aruba, I feel like I have some info to share to others of my generation who aren't looking for a 5-star Aruban experience, but who are traveling on a shoestring, want to see Aruba without paying >$100 for a two hour tour in a 4x4 with six strangers, etc.
First tip: Airbnb
Hotels in Aruba are plentiful, and very nice. They're not even necessarily expensive. But Airbnb has penetrated Aruba and it's great. We were lucky to stay with a local who has an attached suite, rather than simply simply renting out their condo while they're away. As a result, we had locals (like, 365 days a year-type locals) feeding us info. Airbnb also kind of forces you outside of the hotel zone: we were a good 8-10 min drive away from the Highrise area, which helps when you're trying to be adventurous and explore the neighbourhoods. Our Airbnb hosts were very attentive, provided a lot of "gear", like a cool, beach chairs, maps, coupons, flippers, etc. They warned us when something went down on the island (we were there during the recent flash flood), and had ideas about how to get around. And of course, Airbnb is cheap, often come with kitchens, which allow you to head to the supermarkets and cook using local ingredients. Which brings me to the next tip.
Tip two: Supermarkets
Prior to arriving, whenever grocery shopping was mentioned in anything I googled it basically always referred to the large supermarkets, and especially Super Food. We went to Superfood and found the prices comparable to grocery prices in Canada (even after the conversion. Also note, we live in Victoria, BC). Items that were packaged (like cereal) were more expensive. Fruits (like limes) were ever so slightly less. And everything else (like meat and veggies) were about the same.
And while Superfood was great, we found little to no reason to return; there are plentiful mini-marts and neighbourhood markets were everything was cheaper. There was nothing we needed that we couldn't find in these markets, from groceries to sunblock to booze to personal care products. I honestly don't think you need to bother with the large supermarkets, the little neighbourhood ones will do. If you're in the high rise zone, the closest one is at the Unicasa, beside the Wendy's. If you're anywhere else, there are lots.
Tip three: Beaches
The Palm Beach and Eagle Beach areas are indeed much fun. There's a lot going on, people to mingle with, booze everywhere, and happy hour is easy to find.
If you're anything like us, we kinda didn't love that. We wanted more spacious beaches, with calmer atmospheres. In that case, allow me to suggest three spots.
The first is just off the high rise beach zone. Heading towards the lighthouse, right after the casino on the left if a parking lot that was never ever full. The only people that seemed to park there were trucks with boat trailers. Park here and find a very peaceful beach with no rocks, and soft sand. It was a fabulous spot, with all the same view and sand quality of Palm Beach without any of the buzz and crap.
Second, is a short walk from the lighthouse north, across the dunes, to an oddly shaped rock I doubt you could miss. When we first arrived there were some nudists there hanging out in what is clearly a secluded and rarely frequented spot. Water was clear, and the view was spectacular. Not to mention how good water feels after a 10 min walk through the desert sand dunes in a blazing sun.
Third, is Daimari beach, which I'll say more about in the next tip...
Tip four: Arikok
Definitely worth the time. But also not something you have to rent jeeps for or take expensive atv tours. If you dedicate a day to Arikok (like, 8 am to 5pm) you can do all you need to. I'll tell you what we did on our "Arikok day", which was probably the highlight of our trip.
First, recognizing that Arikok is a desert, we woke up early and drove to the main entrance to the park. We arrived exactly at 8:00am on a day that was slightly cloudy. Bought our wrist band and promptly exited the park the way we came. Leaving the park there's an immediate right that says "Daimari" onto a gravel/dirt road. We followed that until it intersected witha paved road and a sign saying that to the right is an entrance to Arikok. Down that road is the Shete entrance to Arikok. It allows you to turn a very long hike to the Natural Pool into a short hike. Hiking from Shete to Natural pool took 45min (and I am in no way in shape). We arrived just as the first tour left, allowing us full access to the pool with not another soul around for about and hour. Then, heading up the coast from the Natural Pool we hiked the 15 min to Daimari Beach, which was easily our favourite beach of the whole island. It is isolated, strikingly beautiful, unique in that the "shelf" that has been eroded in the middle divides the beach in two, and most importantly there was shade provided by the cliffs. This was vital, since by this time the sun was out in full force. Hiking became less than safe, so, we stayed, lounging at the beach, for hours waiting for the sun to go down a bit. This was wonderful. Shaded by the cliff, dipping in the slightly wavy ocean, in the beautiful location... Daimari is an Aruban paradise. Two tour companies took people here while we were there. They jumped off the cliffs and promptly left. For us, we drank 5L of water on this hike.
As soon as 3:00 rolled around, we started to pack up and began our hike out (about 55min).
Now, since we spent so long at Daimari we decided to do more Arikok the next day. We drove around to the south side of the island and the Vader entrance. We easily drove our small, compact rental car up the gravel road alongside the wind turbines (very impressive), and up to the Guadiriki caves. Spent some time there and continued up to the Fontein caves and Boca Prins. After returning, it was all basically just a couple hours; less than a half day. If we had planned our hike to be an hour or two quicker we likely could have done it all in a single day. Since we didn't drive all the way through the park's main road I can't speak to the drive-ability of it all. However, I do have some car tips!
Tip five: Cars
The rental companies, and the Arikok website, do a fair amount of fear mongering about the quality of the road that runs through the park (IMO). If I were to speculate, it would be because the nation's economy makes a fair amount of coin off of Jeep rentals, 4x4 tours and such. So, they would have you believe that travelling into Arikok with a compact car spells certain doom for your vehicle, and the rental agenies will warn you multiple times that if you have car damage or trouble that occurs within Arikok park, you are not covered at all, even if you purchased their limited liability coverage plan.
So, I was pretty worried as well about road conditions but there was no need to be. Day two we drove our little compact rental through the road that runs from the California lighthouse, along past the dunes and down the North East coast, up to the chapel. It was slow going, to be sure, as we made sure to go at little more than the speed of a quick walk or slow jog. But at that speed all the bumps become easily managable and we didn't bottom out the car once.
Similarly, driving the dirt road past the wind turbines in Arikok and up to Boca Prins was more than fine. It's like driving a country road in rural Alberta, in my opinion. Take it slow and you'll be golden.
As long as I'm talking about cars, a few sub tips: they don't do as many lights in Aruba. Mostly round abouts. Might wanna brush up on round about etiquette before going if you're not familiar. The map that you get at the airport has common road signs on it! And while the road system on the ground looks complicated, with many un-named roads branching off of main routes, honestly, just worry about the main routes (of which there aren't many). Parking in ample pretty well everywhere, even downtown. It's cheap for pay parking where that's needed. No right turns on red lights. And finally, they do street lights on the same side of the intersection as where you stop, rather than opposite. So, you kinda have to lean forward to see the lights if you're in a low vehicle.
Tip six: Eats
I can't express enough how the most mentioned places were just tourist traps. Driftwood, Smokey Joe's, Wacky Wahoos: all very expensive. That isn't to say they're bad (we thought Wacky Wahoos was fabulous), but there not "where the locals/working class eat". The best (in terms of the matchup of quality and cost and authenticity) of these more expensive places that we went, we felt, was Red Fish. The catch of the day pan fried was delicious, and the local corn bread stuff they serve all over town was the tastiest at Red Fish as well. We never got to Zeerover's, sadly. I'm bummed about that. But the point is I can't comment on it.
The best recommendation I have for those who want some real eats is to explore the 4A/B route. There are a lot of neighbourhood eats along that road that are fabulous. Fermin's BBQ was a highlight, where you could get a 2 person BBQ Platter with Yuca Frita (fucking YUM) for 34 Florins (whereas all those places mentioned about are usually 50 Florins or more per dish!). Buckets of six local beers for 25 Florins. It's great. The ambiance is fantastic, the locals chatty and open for conversation if you reach out. Just don't couple blocks south east from Fermin's is a small Columbian food diner kind of thing. Delicious arepas con queso. Had some chicharrón there that was as authentic as it gets. From there, I'd stress being brave and trying the food trucks. They mostly open after dark (I imagine because being inside one of those in the day would cook you), and there are dozens on every route. Since the water on the island is pristine (by the way, the water is pristine!) we didn't worry about getting sick, and we didn't. We tried some Dutch pancakes for what felt like was a dime, more Columbian food, some of the "snack" places (essentially you pick a filling and they put it in a hot dog bun), and some delicious burgers. I couldn't even tell you where these places were since we just drove by them and pulled over when we were hungry. But they're great! At these trucks we were paying 20-40 florins a meal for two people rather than 80-120 (or 140 at Wacky Wahoos. Ouch).
Be brave and you'll be rewarded.
Tip seven: Shopping
Much the same thing applies to shopping. Now, I'm no shopper; that's my partners deal. But we did the High Rise mall area and found all the usual high-end brands: Pandora and a thousand other jewelers, Calvin K., whatever. And downtown at the "fashion capitol of the carribbean" we found Gucci and Mango and all the European brands. Whatever. The prices weren't any better than back home, so we were left asking "why?"
Well, then we started going into other stores we found kicking around a little outside these zones. The most rewarding one (at least for her)? DShop. Good prices (slightly cheaper than home) and lots of variety with good quality and unique styles.
Feel free to explore the local stores rather than just stampeding the big brands. Aruba's government has done a lot to encourage the local fashion industry, and it seems to be paying off. You can buy Prada back home.
Random dump of tips!
The rest of my tips don't have enough substance to equate to a whole section, so I'll just dump them here.
Tip the bag boys/girls at the supermarkets. Chances are they don't have a wage and only make money based on tips. If you're gonna buy cherry tomatoes at Super Food, don't put them in a bag; they have designated plastic cups for those. Whatever produce you do get there, take it to a weigh station which will print a ticket with the price for you. Cereal is absurdly expensive at Superfood, as is milk and butter. The Cherry Limeade at Save Lots is delicious! We did not love Baby Beach by any strech of the imagination. In fact, most of the South East side of the island felt like it was all the rage once upon a time, and then it was overshadowed by the North West; many abandoned businesses and homes down there, but I wouldn't make a whole day of it. Interesting to see and worth just driving around. Bring water shoes. Especially if you're going to walk out to the shipwreck because there's some coral that stings out there. For Canadians, it cheaper to pay for stuff in Florins than USD. It is easy to get cash, especially if you bank with RBC or CIBC, as they have branches in Aruba! Buy lots of sunscreen. The aloe museum is very accessible and worth the trip. I preferred the beer Chill to the staple Balashi. Sunday and especially Monday, everything seems to be closed for most of the day. English is the lingua franca pretty well all over the toursit zones, as expected. But outside of that, while Enlgish is still very present, we found Spanish more useful. So, if you know Spanish then great!
Oh, and Aruba is great! Enjoy.‎
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Ontario & BC Speak Out About Cannabis Legalization - satire

Queen’s Park, Ontario/Victoria, British Columbia
Reg Hearsay/Canadian Press
A nationwide uproar has emerged over the monopolies provinces are creating around the impending legalization of cannabis.
Bill C-45, drafted by the federal Liberal government, will permit citizens to buy, possess, and grow their own marijuana. Passage is expected in late summer of 2018.
Many are accusing governments across the nation of rushing to cash in on a revenue opportunity few expect will be seen again in their lifetimes.
The Premiere of Ontario - Ms. Kathleen Wynne - hastily called a news conference to decry to the suggestion that the Ontario government was using the legalization of cannabis as a ‘major tax grab’.
What she described as ‘blatant partisanship’, she dismissed concerns about monopolizing cannabis distribution by the province.
“This is not simply about keeping children safe. Because we always keep children safe. Honest. This is about cannabis being treated the same as alcohol and gambling. Making profits from people choosing to pursue individual activities is in the interest of public policy. And the most profitable of those activities are in our interests. So, we will keep those revenues, and keep ensuring your children are safe.”
She bristled at the suggestion that cannabis - and by extension, that ‘sin’ taxes on alcohol and gambling - are viewed as a cash cow by governments.
“If it wasn’t for us delivering the services that Ontarian’s demand, we’d have to raise taxes, or let the people do it themselves. How in the world do you expect us to balance a budget without those revenues?”
“Why would you want your grandmother doing her own dialysis? Why do you suggest that?” Premiere Wynne added before leaving the podium, holding up a triacta ticket she’d purchased on the way to the news conference.
On the West coast, British Columbia's Premier John Horgan faced his own line of questioning in the lobby of the Legislative Assembly in Victoria. When asked about the low payout rates of the BCLCB (Liquor and Gaming Commission) on games of chance and how cannabis sales are expected to follow the same trajectory, Horgan said “It’s in the interests of all British Columbians to come together and support the government, whether through voluntary or involuntary means.”
“Our monopolies create jobs in Victoria and allow us to pay licensing fees to foreign corporations that would otherwise be paid by businesses. There’s no need for that. We do it all. And you’re welcome.”
A reporter who stated that if the current payout ratios from Keno and the province wide poker game - available in convenience stores and gas stations across the province - were offered in Nevada, a casino license holder would be subject to racketeering laws and felony charges of gangsterism - was blackjacked and forcibly removed by security.
Our fact checkers have verified these claims .
This reporter attempted to query the Alberta government on their reliance on liquor and gaming revenues - but was unsuccessful in obtaining a response by press time.
Alberta’s notorious ‘VLT’s’ (video lottery terminals) have an average payout of 92%, 4 percentage points lower than Nevada’s minimum for acquiring a casino license on slot machines.
Premier Rachel Notley’s office did not reply to questions from reporters, but she was spotted drinking a tequila Cesear in Nixx Pub on Edmonton Trail in Calgary. Ms. Notley had spent spent several hours playing ’Magic Sparkle Moonbeams’ on a VLT machine for $0.20 a spin, selecting 4 lines. Ms. Notley constantly encouraged the lady next to her to ‘go for broke’ and ‘hit it big’ by betting the maximum $5 per spin - or $0.25 on all 20 lines available.
The VLT's have an average of 3 seconds per spin, and betting the maximum, one can gamble more than $6,000 per hour on these machines. That's the equivalent of betting $75 per hand on a blackjack table, with loss ratios almost twice that of the popular card game.
A representative of the bar refused to divulge any further information about Ms. Notley's visit other than to say ‘We’re out of pickled beans and celery"....paused, and then added: "We're out of tequila now too. But we have plenty of Worcestershire sauce left."
John Horgan walked away from the podium after the physical altercation with the journalist by encouraging attendees to visit the Parliamentary Gift Shop on the way out, which provides the only exit possible from the Assembly. Access to the back door is restricted to MLA's and their officials and delegates only.
Other premiers have not responded to our emails as of time of writing. The Irving family was asked about their plans and their instructions to the Premiers of Atlantic Canada, but simply issued a terse statement through a spokesperson that they had 'No comment on the size of the pie slices yet'. The spokesperson added: "We'll tell our people when they need to know".
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Hey Rosetta!, a great band from Newfoundland, is on tour in the US this (and next) month, you should check them out.

I first heard about Hey Rosetta! when I was living in St. John's. I was invited out to their CD release show having never heard of them before. I was blown away and have been making sure to see them anytime they swing through Nova Scotia. They are a highly entertaining live show and if you live in or near these cities it would be worth checking them out. I think they are touring with Hot Hot Heat (also Canadian).
Some of my favourites of their videos:
There's An Arc - Very fun video for “There’s An Arc” filmed in the lead singer's (Tim) house. I believe it is all one take.
Red Heart - video for “Red Heart” which is one of their more well known tracks I think. It has been on CBC radio 2 a bunch.
Red Song - “Red Song” is not from any album (Their is an EP of it though) but it is just wonderful.
Black Heart - Live video from the Majestic Theatre in St. John's (incidentally where I first saw them play), thanks to Bumblebeeman for mentioning this tune.
Olympic Video Essay - Stephen Brunt’s video essay on Canada’s 2010 Olympic experience (which ends with “Red Heart”).
List of shows in US and a few in Canada:
08/17/2010 - Hotel Cafe, Los Angeles CA -$8 / 7:00 pm
08/19/2010 - Rickshaw Stop, San Francisco CA - $15 / 9:00 pm - All Ages - 155 Fell Street San Francisco w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/20/2010 - Velvet Jones, Santa Barbara CA - $13 / 9:00 pm - 21+ - 423 State Street Santa Barbara w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/21/2010 - Belly Up Tavern, Solana Beach CA - $13 / 9:30 pm - 21+ - 143 S. Cedros Ave Solana Beach w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/22/2010 - Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas NV - $15 / 9:30 pm - 21+ - 4455 Paradise Road, Las Vegas w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/23/2010 - Martini Ranch, Scottsdale AZ - $13 / 7:00 pm - All Ages - 7295 E. Stetson Drive Scottsdale w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/24/2010 - The Rock, Tucson AZ - $13 / 7:00 pm - All Ages - 136 N. Park Tucson w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/26/2010 - The Loft, Dallas TX - $13 / 8:30 pm - 1135 S. Lamar Dallas w/ Hot Hot Heat
08/27/2010 - Emo's , Austin TX - $14 / 9:00 pm - All Ages - 603 Red River Austin
08/31/2010 - Masquerade - Hell Stage, Atlanta GA - $15 / 8:00 pm - All Ages - 695 North Ave. NE w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/01/2010 - The Mercy Lounge, Nashville TN - $13 / 9:00 pm - 18+ - One Cannery Row Nashville w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/03/2010 - Rock and Roll Hotel, Washington DC - $15 / 9:30 pm -All Ages - 1353 H St NE Washington w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/04/2010 - Ottobar, Baltimore MD - $15 / 9:00 pm - All Ages - 2549 N. Howard St. Baltimore w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/05/2010 - North Star Bar, Philadelphia PA - $15 / 8:30 pm - 21+ - 2639 W. Poplar St. Philadelphia w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/07/2010 - The Bowery Balroom, New York NY - $15 / 8:00 pm - 18+ - 6 Delancey St. New York w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/08/2010 - The Middle East Downstairs, Cambridge MA - $15 / 9:00 pm
09/10/2010 - Lincoln Hall, Chicago IL - $15 / 10:00 pm - 21+ - 2424 N. Lincoln Ave. w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/11/2010 - The Crofoot, Pontiac MI - $13 / 8:30 pm - All Ages - 1 S. Saginaw Pontiac w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/12/2010 - The Basement, Columbus OH - $13 / 8:00 pm - All Ages - 391 Neil Avenue Columbus w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/13/2010 - The Rave / Eagles Club, Milwaukee WI - $13 / 7:00 pm - All Ages - 2401 W. Wisconsin Ave w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/14/2010 - Vaudeville Mews, Des Moines IA - $13 / 8:00 pm - 21+ - 212 4th Street Des Moines w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/15/2010 - Seventh Street, Minneapolis MN - $13 / 9:00 pm - 18+ - 29 North 7th Street Minneapolis w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/17/2010 - Bluebird Theater, Denver CO - $12.75 / 9:00 pm - 16+ - 3317 E. Colfax Ave. Denver w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/18/2010 - Club Sound, Salt Lake City UT - $15 / 8:00 pm - All Ages 579 W. 200 South Salt Lake City w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/20/2010 - The Empyrean, Spokane WA - $12 / 7:00 pm - All Ages - 154 S Madison Spokane
09/21/2010 - Chop Suey, Seattle WA - $13 / 9:00 pm - All Ages - 1325 E. Madison Seattle w/ Hot Hot Heat
09/22/2010 - Someday Lounge, Portland OR - $ / 9:00 pm
09/24/2010 - Commodore Ballroom, Vancouver BC $25 / 8:00 pm Tickets $25 + service charges with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
09/25/2010 - Rifflandia Music Festival 3 // Market Square, Victoria BC - $ / 8:00 pm
09/27/2010 - The Habitat, Kelowna BC - $ / 8:00 pm - 19+ with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
09/29/2010 Republik, Calgary AB $20 / 8:00 pm 18+ with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/02/2010 Pyramid Cabaret, Winnipeg MB $25.75 / 8:00 pm 18+ Tickets are $25.75 + service charges with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/04/2010 The Wall at Nippising University, North Bay ON $13.27 / 8:00 pm with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/06/2010 The Studio at Hamilton Place, Hamilton ON $30 / 8:00 pm All Ages Tickets $30 + service charges with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/07/2010 Norma Jeans, London ON $17.50/$20 / 8:00 pm 19+ with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/10/2010 Capital Music Hall, Ottawa ON $33.54 / 8:00 pm 19+ with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/15/2010 Dagobert, Quebec City QC $ / 8:00 pm 18+ with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
10/16/2010 Belmont, Montréal QC $ / 8:00 pm 18+ with Rich Aucoin and Hot Hot Heat
This is their site (I guess that is obvious) -
I hope some people take the opportunity to go see them, would be good to have some Hey Rosetta! Kool-Aid drinkers on music!
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AskReddit Reddit, what annoys you most about Uber drivers? Uber
funny nsfw This is the top search result on Google Images when searching "Demon fucks angel". Didn't know what I expected to be honest... Google
Jokes NSFW? Do you know the difference between KFC and a blow job? KFC
AskReddit Redditors who are not originally from the United States, what is your country's opinion of the U.S.? What stereotypes do you guys usually associate with Americans? United
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AskReddit Many of us know that some news websites and Facebook pages take content off of Reddit and post it as their own articles; what was the funniest instance of Reddit freebooting that you have seen? Facebook
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Showerthoughts The only time I use internet explorer Microsoft Edge is to get Google Chrome. Google
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pics This Coca-Cola bottle cap actually fits on this Pepsi bottle. Pepsi
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AskReddit What are things you can do with an Apple TV that don't cost money? Apple
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news Contrary to reports, Yahoo is not changing its name to Altaba Yahoo
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news WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal. European ePrivacy directive revision looks to protect communication confidentiality, block tracking for advertising without consent and lessen cookie warnings. Facebook
worldnews WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal. European ePrivacy directive revision looks to protect communication confidentiality, block tracking for advertising without consent and lessen cookie warnings. Google
worldnews WhatsApp, Facebook and Google face tough new privacy rules under EC proposal. European ePrivacy directive revision looks to protect communication confidentiality, block tracking for advertising without consent and lessen cookie warnings. Facebook
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worldnews Wow Facebook 'to launch ads within videos' - BBC News BBC
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Jokes What do Warner Bros. do with their discontinued animated characters? Warner Bros.
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Futurology Holographic Touch Interface in a CAR - BMW @ CES 2017 BMW
worldnews Congressional Republicans are prepping legislation to slash US funding to the United Nations, saying it's the right response following last month's Security Council vote condemning Israeli settlements United
AskReddit How come nobody is questioning the corruption in the United States government, but rather blaming a country for hacking and leaking the corruption, without any proof? United
news United Arab Emirates to invest $163bn in renewables - BBC News BBC
gaming Thumper now available on Xbox One Xbox
pics This KFC bag KFC
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AskReddit If Twitter and Instagram had been around since the 18th century, what popular trends/photos would we see? Twitter
funny guy in creepy mask says he has a sleeper cell of 700 Uber drivers that will play Mambo No.5 on loop Uber
sports Mike Tyson at the Kaaba during Hajj Tyson
videos I Sh*t My Pants On The No Pants Subway Ride Prank Subway
explainlikeimfive ELI5: How and why is Facebook able to determine what advertisements to show on my timeline based on my activity in other apps, Facebook itself, and texting? Facebook
history Detroit Institute of Arts Uses Google Tango AR Technology To Make History Come Alive Google
nosleep I'm an Uber Driver and I have Some Stories to Tell Uber
explainlikeimfive ELI5: What is going on behind the scenes when a post claims that "you can make this the image that comes up when searching Google Images for _____"? Google
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[Table] IAmA: We are THE BURIED LIFE. Torri was born without a hand and we surprised her with new bionic arm. She's here. AMA!

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Date: 2014-05-08
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Questions Answers
Was Barack dirty on the b-ball court? They had sniper rifles trained on us the whole time so it was kinda hard to push too hard, lol. -jonnie.
He's pretty smooth and he's a lefty. tip for when you play him: he's got a low release, if u want to block the prez. - ben.
Duncan, Did you ever get that date with Taylor Swift? If so how was it? Did you get any songs written about you? Do you guys keep in touch? Take it easy guys! Get back on tv soon! Yes, I did end up going on a date with T. She's a very sweet, nice gal. I donno about songs I haven't read enough lyrics but yes we stayed in touch. Thx. - Duncan.
Thats awesome man! If you guys are ever in NC and need anything let me know dude! Duncan, can I have Taylor Swift's #? - ben.
When will you guys be back on TV? I loved the show. Hopefully soon! Thank you very much. - Duncan
I know I'm late to the party but I just want you to know that the Buried Life is one of the greatest shows I've ever seen. So glad to hear that it's not over. You guys are great! Thanks for the laughs and feels. Cheers jbird, appreciate it. -ben.
Is Dave still married? No. they got it annulled the day afterwards and then dated for 6 months. they do still see each other time to time though. she is a good friend of ours now. (backstory: Dave got married in Vegas to a girl he'd know for 24 hours. it was #91 on the list: Link to -jonnie.
Was the plan to get it annulled right after from the beginning? No, we left it up to dave, it's his life. his mom wasn't too happy about it.
Also, good to see you again giraffe boner. -ben.
Funny thing is I was in that episode and you two were talking right behind me at the pool. I must of been pretty hungover because I had no clue we were being filmed. I must have been hungover too, i don't remember being in that episode either. -ben.
What do you look forward to crossing off your list? And has it been harder to accomplish these tasks without MTV's help? MTV actually never helped us cross anything off, that was part of our deal with them. We wanted it to be like we'd been doing it the 3 years prior, 4 regular dudes. Cause what's the point if MTV's making all that stuff happen... we wanted it to be real. - ben.
What has been the strangest request for help that you've received? Someone wanted to have a 3some while skydiving. - Dp.
Also, a guy wanted to start a real Jurassic Park.
Is that going to be on the next episode? Haha. Yes. We're partnering with Icy Mike.
Has there ever been a situation where you weren't able to help someone? Or something went wrong in the process? We met a old man who wanted to reconnect with his long lost love, a woman named Joyce Hook, they lost touch in their 20s. We searched for 2 years but couldn't find any trace of her. - Duncan
ACTIVATE REDDIT SEARCH POWERS. Sadly, Bob, the elderly man who searched for her, has since past. He never gave up though. If you find the one, #takethechance -jonnie.
What's your favorite thing you have done so far that has helped someone? I'd say it's different for all of us. For me (jonnie) it was helping Lucas in DC who wanted to get a home for his dad, who became homeless after a fractious divorce. He's a good kid.
For me, it's the first person we ever helped in Kelowna, BC. we helped a guy that used to be homeless get a truck for his new business. i still talk to him on fb 7 yrs later. he's in the first vid we ever made: Link to -ben.
I've been a huge fan of you guys since Season 1 and you guys inspired me to start up a fundraiser to purchase Bio-fuel conversion systems for a School/Orphanage in Tanzania, Africa. I've always wondered what inspired you guys to actually break the mold and set off for the adventure? This is so cool. Thank you for asking. It inspires me to hear that.
What motivated me to set off when we started in 2006 was a) I wanted to work with my brother b) I couldn't figure out why more people our age weren't protesting and c) I was unhappy with my life. It felt like we had all these problems in the world that weren't being addressed. Things like global warming that were too complex for any single leader to conquer. I thought to myself, how do I help? At the time my brother had lost one of his best friends to a drowning accident in British Columbia and it made me think a lot about death. I realized that mortality is a (maybe, the) most powerful motivator for our species. Then I thought, I wonder what people want to do before they die? Then, what do I want to do before I die? And I decided from there that I wanted to ask people and to learn what they had to say. I thought the soberness of it might help the conversation. It helps put all the bullshit to rest. That's kinda also why we called this The Buried Life. It felt like we get buried by day-to-day stuff that makes us forget what's truly important in life.
Then we decided to go after our list of 100 things (Link to and to help a stranger each time we got one done. The name specifically I should add is courtesy of an 1852 poem called The Buried Life by Matthew Arnold. -jonnie.
Torri, your story is incredible, and you obviously have great people in your life. What has been the most positive or unexpected change in your life since receiving your new arm? Becoming more confident in myself, i feel like i can do anything now -Torri.
What is the list item that will be the hardest to cross off? The one you're scared may never happen? Grow a moustache.
#95: Play Basketball with the President. That was tough. #100 Go To Space will be hard too, but we've been having some conversations with people about it.
The idea of never crossing off #78: Fall in Love used to scare me, but less so as I get older. I'm beginning to realize that love is all around you, you just need to be open to it. I hope that doesn't come off too cheesy. -jonnie.
Grow a moustache.
Talk to Hanger Clinic. Bionic Moustache. That's my favorite comment. -ben.
If the video gets to 2 million views Hanger Clinics will donate a bionic moustache to Torri. Tor, I'm sorry. -jp.
What was the craziest/ most daring thing that you guys have done? Probably streak a field. We got arrested but it was fun while it lasted. Thanks. - Dp.
Def streak: Link to
Hey guys! I remember watching one of your shows when you tried to make a million dollars. If you could redo that episode, what would you do differently? Probably taken our time with it. Gambling was a quick chance to make 1Million but if we really wanted to make it, it would have been better to slowly build. Maybe use the money made on investing and keep slowly building. Thanks. - Duncan.
Just don't go to the horse tracks. those horses are stupid. -ben.
Hey guys, have you added anything to the list since you made it? Yes we add and remove things. The list changes and evolves with us. We really want to lower the suicide rate in North America, so we added that to our list last year. - Duncan
Did you ever end up actually getting to play basketball with Obama? Yes, we were actually surprised on the white house courts by Obama last year. He's got a good 3.
Here's a pic: Link to
When do you guys expect to have your bucket list complete? Never! No.. people ask us all the time, "What are you going to do when you finish your list of 100 things to do before you die?" Die, we tell them. Die! -jonnie.
THE BURIED LIFE. There's a name i haven't heard in a long time. Glad to see you're still at it with a vengeance. I'm in a band that absolutely loves doing charity work and helping others. Any chance you guys need a theme song? Cheers. send tracks to [email protected] we're making a lot of different stuff right now and would love to check it out. -ben.
We would love to donate one to your cause. We can't offer much other than our music, but it's yours if you want it. That'd be great, we're working on a lot of stuff and could use some music. send us an email at [email protected] -ben.
What is your advice to those who are suffering with depression? Hey johnny. first remember that depression doesn't last forever and everyone goes through things like this, so you're not alone. one thing that may help is to try to do little things that make you happy, take small steps. when i was feeling depressed after high school, even though it was hard, i tried to stay active, force myself to hang out with people that i loved and made me smile, eat things that i liked, etc. sometimes it's good to do things that push u out of your comfort zone, even if you don't feel like it because it brings you out of your head. important thing, as i said before, is to remember that you're not along. a lot of people struggle with this, and you will get through it. a great site to check out is To Write Love On Her Arms: Link to stay with it mate.
Do you expect to ever have a TV show again? We hope to have a show again but only if it makes sense. we were executive producers of our last show and were involved in every aspect of making it so it's important that we have a say in what it looks like. regardless, we'll still be putting out videos like Torri's online and helping people do things they want to do before they die. The Buried Life started in 2006 as a documentary project, long before the tv show, and we're just going to keep doing it. - Ben.
Are there any things you were unable to air that you would like to tell us about? Yeah we played basketball with Obama, finally, on the white house courts, we weren't allowed to film but we snuck a camera in anyways. We now have footage but aren't allowed to air it. We will one day ;) - Duncan.
Big fan! Can't wait to see more of you guys! How did you feel after loosing so much money as the casino? Thanks, mik. Like idiots.. haha. In the end though the casino did donate a good portion of it to charity. (Backstory: we lost 250k on one roulette spin while attempting #71: Make a Million Dollars. It's been called 'the biggest roulette spin in vegas history')
P.s. not sure what music you're into, but this flight facilities decades mix is really good: Link to
Not good! Although we did get the record for the single biggest roulette spin in Vegas history which was nice. - Duncan.
I feel good about it, it was a rip!! -ben.
You guys are honestly the best. What inspired you to start The Buried Life? Also, what's your go-to happy song? We just had a desire for more from life, we were bored. Buried Life came from wanting to prove to ourselves and our friends that anything was possible. Thx for watching it! - Duncan.
Go to happy song: Link to
Did Jonnie ever kiss Ben's sister at the prom? So curious! Jonnie? - Duncan.
No. No make out. We're just friends. -jp.
Damn straight. -ben.
What's the most inspiring story that you guys have heard from someone you've met along your travels? We met a woman named Trudy who was just diagnosed w breast cancer and was told she had 6 months to live. when we asked if there was anything she wanted to do before she died, she said yes but not for her, she wanted to help kids born w cancer - cause she had had 52 great years of life. we linked up w a group of kids under 12 with different types of cancer and took them on a shopping spree. trudy was one of those woman who had awesome energy, lit up a room when she walked in. she was very cool. here's shot of the kids: Link to
This question is 4 TORRI BIDDLE: are u wearing 2 pairs of pants? yes or no? i must know, I MUST KNOW. Well no i am not sam -Torri
Ok thanks bring two pairs on saturday. Ok mate peace love applesauce.
I hate giraffes. They think they're all high and mighty with their long necks and such. Who the hell do they think they are?! What's your take on this issue? I hate them, takes them so long to swallow their pride.
If you weren't doing The Buried Life, what would each of you be doing now? Dave would be a stuntman, Jonnie would be doing political activism/filmmaking, Duncan would be hiking mountains and Ben would running a wee pie shop deep in the Himalayans named "Mountains of Joy"
Also what unusual advice would you have for a college student today? I know you guys decided to start your adventure around this time in your lives. Best advice would be if you have an idea or dream you want to go after. Don't think about it as a dream, think about it as project. Dreams have a way of staying dreams but projects get accomplished. And dont ever give up! Delaware and Arkansas are surprisingly beautiful. We toured the country in a big purple bus named Penelope which changed the way I saw places. I'll never forget the part from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance where talks about how seeing cities from a motorcycle means seeing them without a frame around them. You're "in" the city, as opposed to being outside looking in. Being in that bus for years on end has been similar, for me, in a way because we would cruise with the windows open and be able to walk around in it as we drove. It would also attract the attention of the locals wherever we went. It's a 1968 GMC Diesel Pusher, the same model as in the movie Speed (except it can't go over 50miles/hour). I'm off on a tangent. The point is, Delaware and Arkansas took my breath away. They were just so quiet and beautiful and American. EDIT: you said cities. I love Berlin and Montreal. They are places that remind you that anything is possible. You can live in downtown Montreal for $400 a month. That changes the dynamics of a city. It means artists and political thinkers can survive on a basic wage and commit deeply to their craft. In a time when many student's ambitions are being extinguished by debt, it's these cities I think we can turn to for leadership and innovation. There are many cities I haven't visited though. On the debt issue, which came up in another thread, I met with Peter Ludlow, a professor at UCLA, last month and he said the reason college kids don't protest like they did in the 60s is because of student debt. They can't afford to. He said his students run around in fear of one misstep. The way the economy has changed has made it even harder to get a second shot if god forbid you fall off the wagon at any point. To make matters worse, student debt is the only debt in the country that you can't default on. So.. you're hooked. It's a shame. I don't know what the solution is but I do hope it changes.
Do you have any advice as to what I can do to make sure I live life to the fullest and help other people as much as possible? Yeah, we put a lot of time into writing this article for Tim Ferriss' blog, you should check it out: 6 Steps to Crossing Anything Off Your List: Link to
What's the next big thing on the horizon for you guys? #100: Go to Space and #26: Tell a judge, "You want the truth, you can't handle the truth!"
To be honest, for me personally, my latest goal has been to direct the first feature length film with a 360 degree camera. I've been into this oculus rift stuff and have been working with a company called Centre Cam (Kickstarter Page: Link to It's a game changer. VR just opens whole new realms of possibility for story telling. -jonnie.
I am a very big fan! and I love everything you guys do. What was your favorite thing to crossed off your list? I think it's different for everyone but for me it was probably 'Streaking a Field'. My favourite help story was when we reunited a father with his son after 17 years. Thanks - Duncan
When was/is the deadline for submitting an entry for the #5thmember contest? We're picking them tomorrow, u can enter as many times as you want.
Finally made a reddit account just for this! You guys are great- can't wait to see more of your accomplishments. Right around the same time as your show began, my friend Matt and I had a similar list with similar goals of traveling the world and doing amazing stuff. At first we were pissed because you beat us to the punch, but after years of seeing your show, we're glad you guys made it and can inspire so many people to be great, ourselves included. What was your first official cross off, or first thing you put on your list? That's great. Thanks, tvafi. The first one we crossed off was #34: Be a Knight for a Day. We traded beer for a restaurant voucher for a suit of armor rental at a costume shop (it's the only way we could afford to do it). Then we told the press in our town to come see it and kick off our "tour" To our surprise/horror.. they showed up. The next day it was on the front page of the newspaper and that was the 2nd thing off our list. There's a story somewhere out there you can see. +1 point if you can find it. The newspaper was the Times Colonist in Victoria, BC Canada. -jonnie.
What inspired you guys to start looking for a 5th member in Italy? We partnered with Contiki Tours (who do travel trips for young people across the world). They said they would help us help fans cross off list items in Italy so we came up with @5thmember. You can still sign up: Link to
Where's Dave?! He's diving for giant pearls in Afghanistan.
No I heard he was air ballooning in Mongolia rehabilitating wingless camels. - DP
Hi Torri! Hows life? Also, would you rather fight 1 horse sized duck, or 100 duck sized horses? Hello and life is great -Torri.
And i would fight 100 duck sized horses lolz -Torri.
Me too! We could fight them together Tor. - Duncan.
I'll be fighting the duck's side guys, can't help you. sorry. -Ben
How did you guys find the courage to stray from "normal life" and follow your dreams? I'm searching for that same type of courage right now. It helped that we started it with our friends, it's always good to work with people you like. they pick you up when you're down. and honestly, we didn't think about it too much, we just took a road trip and starting crossing off list items and helping people and it grew from there. if you just start doing it, taking small steps, you'll figure it out. good luck and have fun. -ben.
If someone doesn't win the contest, can they still come and cross off something from their bucket list with you guys in Italy? Huge fan. Are you in Italy? Yeah come meet us why not. ; ) - Duncan.
Are you guys going to start touring Canada again? We love Canada, we go back a lot. Where are you from? - Duncan.
Waterloo. Awesome, looking forward to it! Love Waterloo, have friends at school out there. Whats up Canada!?
Yeah, if you guys could come to Edmonton soon, that'd be great... Duncan and I grew up in Edmonton. Butter Dome!
Not sure about @cwadden, but I'm from Victoria :) Do you head home often? Visiting with your moms this weekend? Jonnie and I were just back last weekend for our Mom's bday. We love Vic! - Duncan
Hey guys, can I get a shout-out to my sister? She is a huge fan of yours and is currently living her dream of traveling around Europe. Whats her name? Does she have twitter?
Her name is Kelsey--it's @KelseyHeath14 and I think she has like 10 tweets. I am so getting best sister of the year award for this. 12 tweets actually. We are friends now. - DP.
It looks like it is the same, but does it feel different to have a bionic arm to a normal arm? I don't really think so it might be heavier than a normal arm but it's not to bad- Torri.
What are you guys currently working on? We started a production company and have been creating new tv shows, living and working in Venice, CA. we're going to Italy tomorrow and bringing someone with us (Link to we're doing a lot of speaking at colleges, helping ppl and making vids like the one we made with Torri. we're working on #100: Go To Space. i'm working on my biceps, a little bit of tricep work, but mainly biceps. -ben.
Right now we're about to fly to Italy and are surprising someone who has a dream in Italy, bringing them with us.
We launched a production company recently and have been developing new concepts for television - some of them related to Buried Life, some of them new.
We speak at colleges and businesses, encouraging people to go after the things they want to do before they die and talk about our book.
Ride bikes around venice beach.
Still going after our list and helping others do the same.
If this video gets 1 million views Hanger Clinics will donate another bionic arm to a deserving teenager: Link to Link to
Would you guys be down to have a guest (like me) travel with you this summer and help out people in need? I love what you guys do and I would love to be on your team! Actually yeah we are doing a contest right now to take a #5thMember on the road with us. Come on down
Duncan, you planning on getting the new Smash Bros? If so, make your way back to Victoria and we'll have another match. (HSkey) Congrats on all your amazing success. HSkey, haha. Lets do it! Good to hear from you old boy! Hope things are great for you. - Duncan
I ordered a copy of your book when you said you were signing the preorders but when it showed up it wasn't signed. Who do I call crying to? Thank you so much, would love to meet.
Any good tips on how to travel in Europe for cheap? I'm from U.S. and have never been. Love the show and love telling people about your adventures! Yes come to Italy with us and Contiki Tours. We are bringing one person along to cross off list items. Link to
Any advice for asking t swift out? I've written songs about my exes so I guess I've got that going for me. Become a fake country music star.
How does the bionic arm feel like, Torri? At first it was really heavy because i was not use to the weight but now it's fine- Torri.
It can be amazing for hitting around. I suppose. Right? Haha yes-Torri.
For anyone who doesn't know it, the song is We Dont Eat. His latest album, Post Tropical, came out in January. I like Cavalier, Red Dust, and Gold. Adventure Club did a dubstep remix of We Don't Eat. All credit to @jaysalbert for the song choice. He helped edit it all together too.
If they made a movie about your life, who would play you (other than yourself)? Morgan Freeman. - Duncan.
Jonnie: harry potter duncan: james dean dave: anyone from a Sunny D commercial ben: amy adams
I love you guys so much, and I love what you do and how you're teaching people to live life to the fullest. But what about when you WANT to die? What are your tips for struggling with finding meaning to life? Emily, thank you for this. There's an article by Camus (a philosopher) who asks if suicide is the only truly serious philosophical problem. You can see the link below. I think the answer to your question is a deeply personal one for each person, but for me the answer may be that you cannot 'find' meaning in life, you have to make it. It is the process of discovering what makes you happy that makes you happy, even if your search begins with humble joys like laughing or enjoying a good meal. If the feelings that you're having disrupt your daily life and prevent you from ever feeling happy, I'd encourage you to check out the help of professionals. But that's up to you. We work with a group called
Each of us have struggled with depression in our lives (and probably will in some capacity until we die) but it's the process of searching out joy that makes us happy. Starting a life-list can help :) Thanks for sharing. -jonnie.
Link: Link to
P.s. duncan often says, "happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know." You might just be exceptionally bright :)
Hi Torri. 6 weeks ago our daughter Isla was born with a shortened ulna and a severely under developed hand, but she is absolutely perfect in every way. Do you have any advice for us on how to be the parents she will need us to be? What my parents did for me that helped the most is that they didn't treat me differently than my brother and sister. Being raised that way it helped a lot, and just be positive! :) -Torri.
What is your favorite joke to tell? Knock knock...
Hey! I've been a huge fan of the entire concept! You guys inspried me to go to Burning Man this year! Have fun. burning man may be my favourite place on earth. -ben.
Do you guys think you'll ever come out to Arizona? we have some big mountains you can climb to check of your list (#51).. also Im a huge fan of your work and would love to meet you guy! hope your show comes back on Tv soon! Nothing better than a solid mountain climb. Also, great name FannyPackBen. Ben loves fanny packs.
Hey Torri, how easy/complicated is your bionic arm to use? I have a similar arm, but it looks like you've better reach. I've been looking into them but they seem odd to me. Proof, I guess: Link to Yeah for me its really not that hard to use with me not having a right hand before but it really depends on the person using each person has a different level of difficulty -Torri.
Hi guys, what do you like on your pizza? Jonnie- hawaiian Ben- veggie Duncan- pepperoni Dave- whatever the waitress recommends. Dave has put more thought into meals than he has into major life decisions. just the way he is.
What is the hardest thing you had to overcome for the list? I love the show and you've inspired me to do so much, I hope it comes back soon! #53 Make a TV Show was a doozie. We started TBL in our parents garage and it took 3 years to cross that one off.
Hey! Love you guys! How easy is it to just be in places you have no business in being there? I get it it's for a tv show, but still you have to be a little uncomfortable, right? Oh god yes. I had to sit in a bathroom stall for 3 hours after sneaking into the premiere of Transformers 2 to try and get Ben a date with Megan Fox (#59 on the list). I would say I was shitting my pants but that wouldn't be necessary. I had the stall.
Can I be the fifth man? Yes. Link to
Hey Tony here! I love what you guys do! Any advice for a man with a bucketlist on a budget? I'd love to do a lot of the things you guys have done! How did you guys get enough money to take all of these trips? Link to
How many bucket list items do you have left to cross off on your list of 100? Is there an updated list somewhere that shows which ones are left? We have crossed off around 84 things. Here's our list but it's not completely updated. Link to
Hey Ben, we talked on the phone after your speech in Indianapolis. I couldnt attend because of the disaster in the Philippines and my line of work. You said "Talk to you soon." How long is soon?! How bout now? haaayyy - ben.
What was it like sitting in a cake for 6+ hours? It was hot and I had to piss.
Should I buy a moped? Yes, for sure. But be careful.
Any plans to do more episodes of the show with MTV? Proud of all you guys are doing... making Canada proud! Thanks. Yeah would always consider a comeback season!
How soon is now? NOW.
How many items have you guys managed to scratch off the list at the moment? You guys are incredible. Around 86.
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Miss World-Canada 2013

Hello Vancouver Islanders,
Coming this May is Miss World Canada which is taking place in our very own province of beautiful British Columbia. At the River Rock Casino in Vancouver. There are a lot of lucky and beautiful contestants taking part in the Pageant, but there is one contestant that we should all stand up and support. Her name is Neetu Purewal from Victoria, BC. She is standing up for the cause of mental health and the stigma attached to it. Currently there has been a lot of talk about mental health in the news and media. Which CTV News have done a segment on her which can be view at:
She is still looking for sponsorship's and followers for her cause. For she is given the chance to stand on the the stage in the spot light to show that people with mental health issues are capable of doing anything and everything. For more information on her go to:
Thank you for your time.
From a proud follower and mental health patient
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Victoria Beckham's Son Used His Mom's Girl Power to Get ... Vancouver, Canada 🇨🇦 - by drone [4K] - YouTube I YELLED SO LOUD THE ENTIRE CASINO HEARD ME! Double ... Stanley Park Tour Vancouver BC Canada (2019)  Vancouver ... Brian Christopher Online - YouTube

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Victoria Beckham's Son Used His Mom's Girl Power to Get ...

Thanks for Watching I YELLED SO LOUD THE ENTIRE CASINO HEARD ME! Double Happiness Panda Slot Machine WINNING W/ SDGuy! Like the video? Thumbs it up! Love the... Stanley Park is the most popular outdoor destination in Vancouver Canada. It includes part of the seawall, native totem poles, historical statues and some of... Vancouver Island – a place of awe-inspiring natural beauty. In this video, discover why the fusion of history and rugged West Coast landscapes makes this des... My name is Brian Christopher, and I regularly post new live videos of myself playing slot machines in the casino. You'll see some wins, some losses, some jackpot handpays, high limit slots, max ... Victoria Beckham explained to Ellen that her son Romeo made her dance to a Spice Girls song just so he could get his TikTok numbers up. Plus, the star showed... Bonjour and very welcome to my Vancouver, Canada video in 4K resolution! To be honest, Vancouver is one of my favorite Cities in North America! If you have t...